Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I never thought the day would come...

That the hubs would choose a night at home watching The Bachelor over going to play cards with the guys! Whoa! Thats huge!

Our phone call:

Me: Hello?
J: Hey, so what are you going to do tonight when I'm playing cards?
Me: I mean, whatever. I'm a big girl. Probably wash clothes, pack lunches, and pick up around the house.
J: Are you sure? I mean, the weather is bad and I don't think I should leave you at home alone.
Me: What? Are you serious?
J: Well, I mean, I don't HAVE to go play cards tonight. There are a lot of good shows coming on, I could just come home and make the next card game.
Me: Do you mean The Bachelor????
J: We can watch that if you want to. I mean, whatever.
Me: Bahahahaha!!!!! You love it! I knew it!!!!! Come on home. I'll have dinner ready.

So, we watched The Bachelor and ate chicken and corn. It was a great night! hehe!


  1. Always nice to spend the evening together.
    Hubby and I spend Friday night like that we watch Ghost Whisperer. (He wouldn't want to get out about that though).

  2. how wonderful to spend a night together. i love those evenings!

  3. So cute! Gotta love when the truth comes out! :)

  4. My husband loves girly tv, he gave in a few years ago. I guess he figured if you can't beat em, join em! Glad to hear yours is on board now!

  5. haha that is so funny! i got my fiance watching the bachelor too---and even though he totally didnt want to admit it, he loved it!!

  6. Too funny/cute!

    I had Big Man once watch a marathon of The Secret Life of an American Teenager with me before it's premiere! :)

  7. Very cute. When I was pregnant with #4, I was so pregnant and tired so Hubby & I started watching the Bachelor. Now it's our only show that we watch together! I'm glad y'all had fun. My brother married a Savannah girl!