Wednesday, February 24, 2010

90 years young!

This past weekend was my Nana's 90th Birthday! Yes, 90. That sounds so crazy! My Nana is the wittiest, sweetest, and most ageless lady I know. Her walker is the only thing that gives her age away. She is beautiful!

For her birthday my mom planned a dinner at the country club for all her children (5), grandchildren, and great grandchildren. It was such a great time to get together and celebrate such a wonderful lady. We ate dinner, had cake, watched a slideshow of pictures from when she was a teenager until now, and then the children read stories from when they were children.

It was such a great night!

Me and Jim with my parents waiting on everyone to arrive.
My mom's mom, my mom, and me.

My dad's brother, my dad, and my cousin.

Surprise!!! She had no idea we were all there. She thought she was just going to dinner with her daughters.

My Aunt Anne and Nana after dinner.

My sweet husband.

Little cousin Sam. He is too funny!

Jim and Alex...who will be having a little brother "Jake" in April!

More family.

Nana opening the book that all the kids wrote stories about what they've learned from her. It was so sweet listening to them read all their stories from the when they were little.

Me and Jim with Nana.

Can't wait to see how many kids will be at her 100th birthday!!!!


  1. Happy 90th to your Nana!!! That's awesome! Love your outfit, so cute!

  2. This is so sweet! Happy Birthday to her!

  3. happy 90th bday to your nana! LOVE your outfit!

  4. oh my gosh! that is so precious!! i love the idea that you all surprised her AND gave her a book with everything you all learned from her. LOVE that idea! she is so cute!!