Monday, March 22, 2010

Bff's bachelorette party

This was our first night out in Atlanta. We went to this great little fondue resturaunt where we just ate, drank, laughed and ate some more. It was so fun!

This is us with the owner...he loved us! He kept asking us if we wanted a picture with him. ha!

The next morning we went to this great little brunch spot. The food was delicious. A perfect beginning to a day full of shopping. We went to Lenox mall for about 4 hours and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the lingerie party and dinner.

This is all of us sitting around at the lingerie party.

Sweet Kelly showing off her new belongings :)

This is the bride at dinner. We went to this great mexican/tex mex place called "Cantina". Perfect for a bachelorette party. There was a dj in the resturaunt and a huge bar.

My 2 bffs.

Great place because it sat 18 girls comfortably.

After dinner, we proceeded to a club called Opera. I've never been to a real 'club' but whoa! That was an experience. One that I can only see myself experiencing at a bachelorette party. Thank Goodness we had VIP so we weren't really in the whole crowd, but it sure was entertaining to watch.
This is all of us looking at the crowd in amazement. Those people sure could dance.

This is when I started to notice the down hill spiral of the bride....ha!

More dancing.

And this is how the night ended...needless to say, we left not long after.

Oh, how I love being with my friends, but my body just can't take it anymore. No more bachelorette parties for a while....or at least until June.


  1. What a fun weekend! Dante's is super yummy and the ambiance is so much fun.

  2. i LOVE Dante's!! The first time i went i thought the aligator was fake. after dinner he wasnt there. I havent been to Cantina yet, but i hear good things! and, you're right about Opera! LOL

  3. haha! looks like it was a blast!! my friends are already planning my b-party and i'm not even engaged yet! i guess it's because i'm the last friend that will be having one. lol!

  4. We went to Opera for my bachelorette party and had a crazy time! It was a blast!
    looks like yall had fun :)

  5. Oh it looks like you had a blast!

  6. Looks like SO MUCH fun!!!! You always look so great! And I'm with you--when I'm out past...oh, let's say 9:00 pm--I get TIRED! LOLOLOL
    p.s. regarding couponing......send me an email to and I'll correspond with you on that.

  7. Your blog is so cute! I love bachelorette parties! I think being married makes you enjoy time out with your girlfriends even more.

  8. Looks like so much fun! :) I got married last September, just found your blog! I love your wedding picture at the top, gorgeous!