Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anniversary {Paper}

Since our 1 year anniversary is quickly approaching and since I am a pretty traditional kind of girl I want to do the traditional 'paper' gift exchange (I'm sure Jim has no idea what this is and I am sure he will not do it, but I want to).

The only problem is...I'm CLUELESS!!! I mean of course, if that money tree I planted would friggin grow my paper gift would be plane tickets to somewhere tropical along with concert tickets to see Van Morrison, but I think I planted the wrong seeds. SO, looks like I'll be needing help on this paper idea???



  1. Does Jim ever write notes (thank you notes)? Maybe some nice monogrammed note cards? What about a custom made stamp? I use www.expressionery.com for both! AND LOVE IT!!! They even wrap their stamps! They have a college one that is great! Of course, I did Gators, but they might have your Alma Mater too?!?!?!
    Maybe something paper for his desk at work?

  2. Maybe a gift certificate for the two of you to have a day at a spa and maybe find one that has/near a golf course if he likes to golf?

    A ticket to a sporting event.

    A picnic somewhere pretty with paper plates and paper cups.

    Maybe there is a book he has been wanting or a book that you think would interest him.

  3. This may be a little risque...but have you thought about bourdoir pictures? Sometime tastful of course and not nude, but just...sexy? I was going to do this for my first anniversary and never got around to it! Hope you have a great day!~ andrea

  4. For my 1st anniversary (regarding paper), I bought my husband a bible with his name engraved.

    Just a thought. :)

  5. LOVE the bible idea!

    I think we have all given great ideas! ; )

  6. We were going to blow up one of our engagement pictures that is black and white and turn it into wallpaper for one small wall in the house. I think that would be really cool and sentimental for an Anniversary gift.

  7. Hmmm....I'm horrible at gifts so I'll have to get back to you and if that money tree starts growing your going to need to send me some seeds! : )

  8. I'm not sure what kinda girl you are. But my sister decided to do "boudoir" pictures for her husband for their 1st year annivsary because she also wanted to do the "paper" thing. If you only KNEW my sister. She is completely modest and I seriously died when i heard she was going to do this. But she found a woman photographer that she was completely comfortable with and she took her bestfriend also for the shoot.

    After she received her little book with the photos (she only made a small book of the photos for just him and his bedside table. They have no children, so they didnt have to worry about snooping kids lol) she let me see them. They were absolutely beautiful of my sister and she kept it so tasteful and modest!

    She wore one of his dress button up shirts and some cute panties for a few pictures. Then she wore some cute lingerie that was super modest. Just like her but they were so pretty! He was totally shocked and loved them. They did agree that once they had kids and they got older..that they would burn the book lol.

    Maybe that would be something you would be interested in! Sorry this was so long! lol!

  9. Happy almost Anniversary! My husband and I are approaching our 2nd anniversary and his parents got us a really cool paper lamp for our first. It looks a little like this one:


    But I also love the idea of a Gift Certificate for a couples massage or a poem/love letter describing what you felt during your first year of marriage. Have fun celebrating!