Monday, May 24, 2010

Anniversary Getaway Weekend

I am just now getting around to putting up these pictures from our amazing anniversary weekend! We had such a relaxing but fun weekend. The condo we stayed at topped everything off. It was so nice to come home each night to a place where you felt at home and everything so nice and CLEAN. I'm a freak about hotels and clean beds. This place was wayyy nicer than our house. ha!

I even took close up pictures of these cabinets because they are exactly what I want in our new house (more to come on that later). I'll spare those pictures.

Look at this cute kitchen.

This was the living room with a balcony overlooking the beach.

Our bedroom.

Right when we got there I was determined to tan this white body. We packed a cooler and headed to the beach. It was so empty and so peaceful

This was the view from the beach of our condo. Not a far walk at all.

Jim waiting on me before dinner....and of course I was taking pictures rather than getting ready :)

I didn't get any pictures at dinner...darn it!
Jim opening the champagne bottle for our mimosas.
Breakfast on the porch. I woke up to the smell of coffee. It was heaven!

We rented a tandem bike and rode all over town. It was hilarious and fun all at the same time. I laughed most of the time we were on there. We were like kids learning to ride a bike again. Those things were NOT easy!

This was once we got back home. My mom and aunt packed up our wedding cake and stuffed all kinds of goodies in the box. I mean napkins from the wedding night, coozies from the rehearsal dinner, the pearl tie that held my bussel, the golf balls that were on our golf cart, response cards from guests, flowers from my bouquet, and SO much more! I have NO idea how they got a hold of all that stuff. But, it sure brought tears to my eyes when I opened the box and those things were in there. What memories!

The cake was still pretty good!

Overall, we had a great anniversay and an AMAZING first year of marriage!!!


  1. aw, happy anniversary! sounds like a perfect wknd!

  2. Happy Anniversary-the tandem bike looks like fun!

  3. Awww, congratulations!! Looks like a beautiful way to celebrate your first year!!

  4. That looks like the perfect getaway!! I love that condo!! So cute!! I could def. stay there!!! Congrats!!!

  5. Happy anniversary. Your beach trip looked awesome, I can't wait for mine this weekend.

  6. Yay! The trip looks great! I love that your mom and aunt went through so much work to put all that stuff thoughtful!

  7. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had such a fun time!!!

  8. Happy anniversary! It looks like y'all had tons of fun on the trip! That was so sweet and thoughtful of your mom and aunt!

  9. With all this oil drama, your anniversary trip makes me even more envious!