Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Engagement party for the bestie

This past weekend we had one of my best friend's engagment party. It was so beautiful and the food was amazing. I absolutely loved seeing all my college friends. We honestly haven't all seen each other in months but when we got together it was like we were together last weekend. We just picked up where we left off. We danced and laughed and had so much just being together. I sure wish we could do that every weekend.

Meredith and Bruce are such a great couple and it really showed this weekend. They were just glowing and were so happy to be with their family and friends.

The party was so cute!

This is a picture of the boat that held all the oysters. It was so such a cute idea. They also had a shrimp and grits station, margarita station, and desserts in shot glasses. Delish!

Some of the guys. I don't know if they coordinated their outfits beforehand or what.

The back of the house where the band and more drinks were set up.

Some of the girls before everyone else got there.

Jim and Bruce's mom. So sweet!

On the dance floor.

Jim and Meredith dancing. They dance EVERYWHERE they go.

The couple of the hour. So so Sweet!
Our friend Ellen was definitely the entertainment for the night. It was so fun singing along with her.

We had such as great time! Can't wait for the wedding!!!!!!


  1. That looks like one FUN engagement party!
    I love the boat idea that held all the oysters!

  2. that looks like sooo much fun!

  3. Whoo! Looks like y'all had a great time! LOVE that boat idea!!!

  4. love all the pics! esp. that bar setup!! and HELLO house!!

  5. What a fantastic party-I agree with everyone else, the boat/oyster idea was FABULOUS!!!

  6. what a fab party!! Congrats to your friends!!

  7. What a beautiful party! Your friend must have been so happy with all you did. Looks like everyone had fun. I thought you had Carrie Underwood singing there for a minute!

  8. That looks like so much fun! I love the boat idea, it's so cute!

  9. I love the colors for the party theme! the decorations look amazing (plus looks like everyone was having fun)