Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random thoughts

1. Is it already time for Christmas decorations to be out in the stores??? My goodness! I just got finished decorating for Thanksgiving/Fall. How in the world will I find time to take all that down and decorate for Christmas when I have 30 people coming for Thanksgiving in 2 weeks??? Sheesh.

2. My parents just ordered our (yes, mine and Jim's) Christmas presents. I told Jim we would never dish out this kind of money for chairs on our own so Christmas was our only worked :) But seriously, I think he is just as ready as me to have this house completed. I blogged about these in an earlier "wish list" post. Can't wait to get them!

3. Jim and I are having dinner at Bonna Bella Yacht Club with two other couples tonight. I am very excited! We are so blessed to have such good friends in Savannah since our family isn't around here.

4. I had a nail stuck in my tire last week and when I took it to the tire place, of course they told me I needed 4 new tires. Typical. $700 later, we're stressed and broke.

5. Speaking of broke, we are headed to this wonderful place in May

Ritz Carlton in Jamaica. I am in a wedding there and we are trying to save every last penny for this trip but new tires aren't helping the siutation.

6. We have a nutrionist on board now at work and wow does her eating make me sick. She eats everything healthy. I feel so stupid going to lunch with her. I'm always like "yeah, I'll have that too". Mainly because I don't want to order the cheesburger in front of her and because I can't pronounce what she eats. I'm always up for trying something new.

Last night I made some healthy oat bars she gave me the recipe for. I added powdered protein and all that stuff....they are actually delicious. At least I have a snack other than chips or cookies.

7. One of my best friends from home had her baby last week, Mary Jennings. She is precious and I am so happy for Jenna! 2 of my other friends from home/bridesmaids in my wedding are expecting. So weird how things change. For the better of course.

8. This weekend we have a black tie charity event for SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). My company is sponsoring it so as the marketing director, its mandatory. There will be great food, open bar and Swingin Medallions will be playing (old shag band). I'll be sure to post pictures.

9. Are y'all tired of my random thoughts yet? Good, because I am too.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!


  1. I love the Swingin' Medallions! We heard them on Friday night at the Esso Club in Clemson. They were great :-)

  2. I have a b/w houndstooth accent chair in our living room and love it! It's so versitile and classic and can be easily changed up w. different pillows and drapes. Enjoy, you'll love it!

  3. Do you think you could tell your parents that I would like a houndstooth decorative chair for my house as well? Do they do other Christmas lists too? haha That chair is a gem!! NO WONDER you're excited! Shelling out the money for new tires would stiiiink! I know how you feel though, I have low-profile tired and they cost $200 a pop! (no pun intended there). I should prooobbably start to put back some money in my "new tire fund." grrr! haha
    Hope you are having a fabulous day!!

  4. I love that chair! Sorry about your tires--that stinks! I hope you have fun at the charity event this weekend! I can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Love the chairs! That totally stinks about the tires...that is the way it goes though! I just had to have my brakes replaced too (not good on the checkbook!)

  6. How exciting you are getting your chairs!!! I really like them! My future in-laws are going to the SMA Ball too. I used to volunteer at it in high school and remember people always had a great time! Have fun!

    Have a great time at the Ritz in Jamaica too! HOW FUN!

  7. That chair looks amazing! The bad luck about your tire, sounds just like something that would happen to me. I had a stick in the side of my tire, just hanging there. It was pure craziness. You're random thoughts/life sounds amazing =) minus the healthy eater, I'm not sure I could eat lunch with her! haha!

  8. love the pictures in your blog! Just started my blog......