Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where have I been?

I swear I don't know how or why I dropped off the blogging world. Maybe a little bit of boredom with blogging and a little bit of life getting busy? Who knows. The important thing is, I'm back!

Over the last few months, Jim and I have prayed and prayed for a precious baby. Well, in August we found out that our prayers were answered!

Here's how it went:

I went to the doc for my regular appointment and as normal I went to the back, did a urine sample and went back to the room. I knew something was up when my doctor opened the door slowly and had the biggest smile on her face. I said "no way" and she said "YES WAY!". She was so excited for us and I couldn't even think straight. I started crying immediately saying "I don't know why I'm crying". haha! Hormones were already taking over my body I suppose.

I immediately called Jim and my mom and started crying and they both started crying.

For weeks, I honestly didn't believe it but was too scared to take pregnancy test. So silly, I know. So, for the next few weeks I was careful with everything I ate and drank but still wasn't convinced because I felt so great!

At 6 weeks even, I woke up and felt awful. It started to be more in the afternoon and just felt like a bad hangover. Well, that lasted for about 3 weeks. At our 8 week appointment (it was actually 9 weeks once we got in there) my parents were in town for the weekend already for a fishing trip the boys were supposed to go on. So, of course they came. Since my mother in law isnt' that far away, we asked if she wanted to come. I was so happy/nervous to have everyone there but thank goodness everything went perfect! Jim and I went back to the ultrasound alone and saw that precious little "bean" on the screen. We busted into tears. Best thing I've ever seen. The heartrate was 174 and everything looked great.

We invited the parents in to see and they all started crying. It was so special. A time I will NEVER forget. The doctor told us we were due May 3, 2012. What a perfect day that will be!

After our appointment, Jim went back to work, his mom left and me and my parents went and ate a good breakfast and talked about the baby the entire time. We then walked across the street and wandered through a baby store. Too much fun!

I will continue to update everyone with pictures and all!


  1. Oh my goodness congratulations!!! What wonderful news!!

  2. Congratulations!!! What news to come back with!!

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