Friday, February 20, 2009

Showers, Showers, & More Showers

And I am not complaining...

I have been a busy busy girl this week. Nothing too exciting. I did have my monthly Supper Club with some girls from my junior league. We always have the best time together. We usually do it with the guys and all but this time we decided to just go out to dinner with the girls. It was so much fun. They remind me so much of my bff's from college :)

This weekend I have 2 showers! I am so excited. The first one is in one of my bridesmaids hometown and the other one is in my hometown. The first one will be all my girlfriends from college and a few of the moms. It's a monograms and mimosas. Love both of those things, so it should be great! The other one my sister in law and her mom are hosting. It's a set the table shower for just my mom's friends and the girls in my family. So, this weekend is full of girly events. Willy and my future MIL are coming as well, but I think Willy will just either play golf or go to the lake with my dad.

It's so nice going home! Have a great weekend everyone. I will report back with the goodies I come home with :)


  1. hope you have a great time at your showers! take lots of pics!

  2. Cute blog! Have fun this weekend!!