Thursday, October 29, 2009

Couples mountain trip!!!

Last year's trip to the coast.

I am beyond excited!!! We are going to Helen, Ga this weekend to spend 3 days with 2 of our favorite couples. I don't really know how this got started but a few years ago we started doing these couples trips and they are so much fun! They first started when we were all dating. And then the first couple got engaged, then one couple was engaged, one was married, one dating. Now, we're all married and one even had a little one on the way! So, this will be interesting. When I say interesting, I mean when the boys are playing poker drinking a few cold ones us girls are usually curled up on the couch (yes all 3 together on the same couch) talking about anything and EVERYTHING. And, I mean anything goes. I won't go into too many details but it's just hilarious what we can actually talk about. So, this time I'm guessing we'll be talking about pregnancy. LL (the pregnant one) will kind of be like Jenny McCarthy and will be spilling the beans on everything. I can't wait! The boys will act like they don't hear us, but when they hear a word that sparks their attention they'll all look back at us and say "what in the world are y'all talking about us". We'll just laugh and continue on. Somethings never change.
Friday night, one of couples is taking care of dinner and I'm pretty sure they are doing barbque. Jim and I are bringing all kinds of stuff to do breakfast both mornings. I'm making my mom's famous breakfast casserole with croissants one morning and cinnamon rolls for the next. The other couple is doing dinner for us Saturday...Steaks...Yum! After dinner we are going in town to do a corn maze, haunted house, and a hayride. What else can you do with a pregnant woman? We definitely don't mind. Jim and I are more excited than any kid would be!
Sunday Jim and I have to book it back to Savannah to make it to young adults cookout at our church from 4-7pm. We just realized yersterday that it was this weekend.
Today is my Friday, so I will be back Monday will lots of wonderful pictures!


  1. Sounds so fun! Have an awesome time!! :)

  2. So fun! Have a blast! I have family who live close to Helen...a couple aunts, uncles and lots of cousins live close to Clarkesville/Demorest (Habersham County) and my brother & his family live there, too! We've spent lots of time in Helen. One summer we went to the little putt-putt/carnival ride park there and I rode on the silver Bullet... Oh my. Had to make them stop the ride in the middle of it because it was SO terrible... I was banged up and bruised for days! Ha... Have fun, but stay off the silver bullet, (IF its even still there!) especially with the pregnant girl! Ha...

  3. that sounds AMAZING! have so much fun! I want to do something like that :)

  4. Sounds like a great time!! Enjoy!

  5. FUN! We usually do an annual ski trip, but this year my favorite couple will have a baby around the time we usually go. I guess we'll be headed down South to visit them and the new baby instead!